ArtPaint is a painting and image-processing tool for Haiku (originally BeOS) that won Be's Masters Award in 1998.

The main features of ArtPaint include a comprehensive set of painting-tools and real-time preview for many image-manipulating operations. The key design principle has been to let the user see what they are doing instead of just forcing them to type in some numbers and then hoping that the result will not be too far from the expected.

This version (2.1.2) restores saving and loading of transparency, dynamic display of rotate/translate, and the TextTool functions. It has the complete suite of add-ons — with some updates — and the Manual is slightly updated to match the current version.


Old style zip archive (unpack anywhere convenient): (1.29MB)
Haiku Package (drag to "packages" folder in system or config):
    artpaint-2.1.2-1-x86_gcc2.hpkg (1.24MB)