The Oerlikon Anti-Aircraft Gun

Of Swiss Design, the weapon couldn't be obtained from its original source during wartime. Charles Goodeve led the effort to get its manufacture underway in Britain.

For the full story, see the memoir.

(It was later also made in the USA. This example is on a US vessel.)

...And the model version:

This was presented to Goodeve as a memento of his efforts. It is in the form of an ashtray — although Goodeve never smoked!

It is complete with the bag for spent-shell-casings that is missing from the photo above. Note the heavy pedestal (different from the tripod mount in the top photo). This is correct for the earlier (Mark II) models. In the actual gun, the pedestal contained a hydraulic lift mechanism.

Some good descriptions and further details on the Oerlikon as installed on US vessels can be found at these links:
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British, Swiss and USA 20 mm/70 (0.79") Oerlikon Marks 1, 2, 3 and 4

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