— Audio Synthesis and Processing —

6.14 Release for Haiku

February 2020

Csound is a widely used and highly versatile system for working with music and audio. It can be used for generating audio files, or for producing live audio in real-time. Input can be from a 'score' file (text) or, for example, MIDI or OSC . The suite also includes utilities for audio analysis, etc. For details, see https://csound.com.

This is the official 6.14 release of the system. It is mostly complete, with live audio output and MIDI input. It does not currently have live audio in or MIDI out (though files of those types are fully handled). A few facilities available on other platforms may not have been brought over to Haiku. Features like FLTK are not applicable to Haiku. It is command-line driven; no GUI front-ends are currently available.

Be warned that there is a Csound on HaikuDepot that isn't comparable to this version. It is a port from an earlier version of the source, without Haiku audio and MIDI. It also seems to have compatibility problems with some library packages, like fluidsynth. This is being worked on, but avoid it for now. The version on this page is a direct build from the source on Github (with the addition of some Haiku icons etc.).

If you would like more details on this version you can check out the README from the package.



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