— Keyboard and Control Panel for the Haiku/BeOS Internal Synth —

v 1.7

A simple software MIDI keyboard, which uses Haiku's built-in synthesizer to produce sound output.

It can be played with the mouse and/or the computer's keyboard, and also has an interface (In and Out) to MIDI Hardware and other apps.

Menus let you select the MIDI channel to be used, and which GM Instrument patch should sound. Sliders can adjust Velocity, Pan, and Pitchbend MIDI parameters. Synth output volume also has a slider.

It has not yet been updated for current Haiku with Package Management, so it only works with the system Soundfont (which must have been set).


MidiSynth1.7_Haiku.x86.zip (119kB)
        Author: Michael Pfeiffer et al.
        Release: 1.7
        Release-Date: 2013/8/29
        Compatibility: Haiku
        Copying-policy: GPL

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