Millennium Memories

London... January 2000. Odd images [some odder than others], mostly from a day at the Millennium Dome in Greenwich.

All images Copyright 2000 Peter J. Goodeve

The Dome at Greenwich

Countless photos of the Dome itself, so I thought I'd just show some support(s)...

The Body Zone

Don't ask...

The Mind Zone

Oh, never mind...

Fifty Years of Artificial Organisms

(still in the Mind Zone)

above -- Grey-Walter Tortoise (1950)
right -- Ball-Herding Robot (2000)

... and the Tortoise was performing rather more reliably that the Robot...

The Dome Show

Lots of action and energy, but it lacked focus somehow, and came nowhere close to Cirque du Soleil...

"Timekeepers of the Millennium"

Had more fun here than anywhere -- shooting foam balls at all the other kids...

The London Eye

(of the Storm?)