Autotrace for Haiku

— Generate Vector Graphics from a Bitmap Image —

v 0.32.0

This is a command-line app that takes a bitmap image (in one of a number of formats) and generates an equivalent vector graphic version, such as an SVG. It has been around for many years, but may have been a bit hard to find. Obviously its success depends on the original: an area chosen to be a ‘shape’ in the vector result has to be of a reasonably uniform colour. Options in the command give control over its strategy in choosing shapes.

Autotrace can be particularly useful for instance if you have some original art you would like to use as the basis of an HVIF icon. Make an SVG version and import that into WonderBrush; work on that to make a prototype icon image, and transfer that to Icon-O-Matic for final touch-up. ArtPaint, too, can help to polish the original bitmap image before conversion (or just to make a suitable input file from another format).

This release is a slight update from the previous (of 15 years ago!). It fixes a problem in reading newer TGA files and updates the PNG handling to the current protocol. A README and manpage are included in the package — available in both HPKG and ZIP forms.


autotrace-0.32.0-1-x86_gcc2.hpkg (104kB Haiku Package) (104kB ZIP Archive)

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