The StreamWeaver

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Latest Releases for x86 (1.4) and PPC (1.3) -- 11 September 2000
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[Not affiliated with any other system with the same name! This is not hardware for A/V appliances nor a Print Streaming app!!]
The StreamWeaver modules give you a 'visual analogue' of unix-style pipes, using the Weaver diagram manager program. The central 'PipeStream' module will run any shell command line, and you can set up any number of these in a diagram, connected together with 'pipelines' that feed the output from one module to the input of another. Another module -- 'StreamView' --provides for input and output of editable text data in a window, and two others -- 'ReadFile' and 'WriteFile' -- let you pass file data directly to and from pipelines. In addition to providing a basis for visual pipes, these modules can be very convenient for quick access to, and manipulation of, input and output data.

Release 1.4 is purely an update on the main Weaver program to 3.0.2, to match the current MusicWeaver. Modules are unchanged.

Release 1.3 adds a flexible text pattern-matching module, using regular expressions like those associated with 'grep' and similar tools. Unlike grep, however, the 'Match' module handles the UTF8 strings that are standard in BeOS, will find matches that extend over multiple lines, and can reformat the extracted match for output. In addition, it doesn't buffer its output (which grep -- like most shell commands -- does) so you can monitor a continuous text stream for particular sequences, without waiting for end-of-data or a filled buffer.

Building a 'diagram' in the Weaver is simply a matter of dragging the desired elements into the Weaver's window, and then dragging connecting paths between them.


This section always becomes necessary eventually...!

8 March 2000 -- Found a blatant glitch in the PipeStream module. If you load a diagram containing a PipeStream that has a command running but no open panel, there will be no response to input to the element! This will be corrected as soon as possible, but meanwhile the easy workaround is to ensure that all your PipeStream elements have their panels open when you save a diagram.

Previous releases:

Version 1.1 added a SerialPort module and a path Switcher; version 1.2 had modest improvements to ReadFile, WriteFile, and StreamView.

For the BeOS release 4.0 and later (PowerPC and Intel):

v1.3 (17 May 1999)

Download PPC streamweaver 1.3 zip archive Here (150KB)

v1.4 (11 September 2000)

Download x86 streamweaver 1.4 zip archive Here (370KB)


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