Miscellaneous Sound Files

Haiku Sounds:

An attempt at creating some variant startup sounds. Some try to represent "falling leaves" (A Haiku motif…)


HaikuSounds.zip (509 kB)

BeOS 4.5 Sounds

Way back before BeOS 5 became the standard, Be supplied a variety of beeps and startup sounds for the user to choose from, but for some reason dropped them later. They are collected here — hopefully not bothering anyone's copyright…


beos_sounds.zip (1.25 MB)

TimGM Soundfont

The TimGM 6MB Soundfont is the public domain one supplied by HaikuDepot. Unfortunately the original had a few unplayable instruments which I fixed (accordion/22, harmonica/23, bandoneon/24, and whistle/79). It looks as if the depot has not got the corrected version yet [even though it's labelled "fixed"!]; you can check by playing this little file:


If it sounds reasonably musical, you're OK. Otherwise, here's the fixed version:
timgmsoundfont-2011_12_11-6-any.hpkg (5.31 MB)
TimGMSoundFont-2011-12-11.zip (5.31 MB)

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               Berkeley, California

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