Pinnacles National Monument

June 2001

All images Copyright 2001 Peter J. Goodeve

See a map of the Pinnacles for orientation.

Condor Gulch Trail

Above — View of Hawkins Peak (830m) (where I'm headed...)

Right — Looking back across the valley

Whew... made it to the top!

Junction of Condor Gulch and High Peaks Trails

High Peaks Trail

Some of it is easy...

... Some is not...!

West Side of Pinnacles

View from High Peaks Trail

On to Monterey...

Some Aquarium Denizens

A Sea Dragon (Yes, it is a creature!) Jellies!

...And the Next Adventure is That Way...!

(not too long from now, I hope!)

These images were all digitized from Kodachrome-200 slides

All imagery Copyright 2001 Peter J. Goodeve. All Rights Reserved. You are not permitted to republish or copy any of these images without the photographer's permission.