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ImageMapper is an unimaginatively named little bare-bones tool that lets you quickly create (Client Side) Image Maps for images you want to put on a web page. (Image Maps associate URL links with 'hot spot' regions of the image.)

You simply open the image that you want to map by dragging it onto the 'ImageMap' icon, then drag rectangles on it to represent the desired hot regions. When you're satisfied, you save the result as a skeleton HTML text file. All you need to do then is paste this into your web page and edit in the actual URLs.

As an alternative, you can save off the selected areas as a list of (BeOS API) BRects. This may possibly be helpful if you are a programmer coding a control panel or the like.

Version 2.0 has arrived — after nearly eight years...! Now, the image window has scroll bars, and you can read back the map text files that you create.

Latest 2.0 version (November 2007)

Download ImageMapper for Intel Here (112KB)
Download ImageMapper for PPC Here (95KB)


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