The Weaver v3.0.2

This was a major revision to the main program of the MusicWeaver and StreamWeaver suites in August 1999.
It is now incorporated in the current release of these packages.

V3.0.2 release September 2000

The core diagram manager program for the MusicWeaver and StreamWeaver has had a fairly major upgrade. It remains fully compatible with earlier releases of thse suites running under BeOS R4 or later. V3.0.2 is the current revision.

New capabilities and features in version 3.0 through 3.0.2:

New in 3.0.2 is the ability to doub;e-click on an element in the diagram to open its control panel.

Probably the most important enhancement is the ability for you to build a 'Composite Element' as a sub-diagram from existing modules. This can then be placed multiple times in other diagrams just like any other module.

You can Replace an element already in a diagram with a compatible one simply by dropping the replacement on top of the original.

You can Rotate an element to face in a desired direction (as long as it has no current connections).

You can change the Route followed by a Link path by specifiying the points you wish it to go through.

For completeness, links can be labelled in the same way as elements now. This may help make a diagram more understandable to others.

Online Help is now included. MusicWeaver modules now all access this feature as well.

A Diagram's size and position are now preserved in a configuration file. [About time...!]

Minor improvements:
The info window (that reports errors and so on) now resizes itself to match its contents; it does not take focus, and always shows up in the current workspace when it is invoked.
The 'About' box used to be somewhat modal (like other alerts); it is no longer (but is perhaps rather prettier!).


Weaver 3.0.2 runs under BeOS R4 or later (Intel and PPC). This version can simply replace the same components of an earlier installation [but see below].

All of the MusicWeaver and StreamWeaver modules that run under BeOS R4 and later behave in a 3.0 diagram exactly as they did before. The new features described above can all be used with them, except that of course Help is not available for older modules.

Diagrams created under previous versions remain compatible.

Installation -- Getting the right Icons!

In theory, the new release should install directly over an earlier version, but if you are replacing one that did not know about Composite Elements (pre V3.0) it is not entirely straightforward. Unfortunately there is a severe deficiency in the current Tracker in that it never on its own sees icons for new supported types added to an existing application! Unless action is taken, you will only ever see a generic icon for the new 'Composite' type.

A short fix-up script "Update Tracker" has been included to put things right. Double-click on this to automatically fix the database and then restart Tracker. It puts up an Alert before each step, but neither is dangerous, so just respond 'OK' each time. You will probably have to reopen the Weaver drawer afterward, but you should then see all the correct icons.

(You may want to do this even if it is a virgin installation. The Tracker has always had trouble getting around to showing the icons of supported types -- probably not until the next reboot -- but this script will make them visible immediately.)

Packages of the Weaver and common modules are no longer published separately here, because the pieces are incorprated in the respective main packages now. See the relevant web pages:

MusicWeaver 2.0
StreamWeaver 1.4


                                Pete Goodeve
                                Berkeley, California

                e-mail: pete@GoodeveCa.NET