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Some Collections of my photos on various topics

Mount St Helens — 1986
As the old lady has occasionally been grumbling again, I've put up some photos from back then.

Turn of the Century London...
Pictures of The Millennium Dome and things

Building a playground at Aquatic Park
Some photos of a new Berkeley playground during its construction by volunteers

Pinnacles National Monument and Monterey
A few days' vacation

Miscellaneous pictures that I felt worth displaying...

  A few words from the Trump White House Intelligence source...

Historical and Personal

A look back at my father,
Sir Charles Goodeve

The Exhibition of Science 1951

Part of the Festival of Britain — a browse through the catalogue

NIMROD Computer 1951

Things I do

The MusicWeaver and other Haiku/BeOS stuff

Using MIDI-THRU on the Privia PX-310 Digital Piano

Csound emulation of a Hammond Organ with Vibrato and Rotating Speakers

Csound reproduction of a (1939) Hammond Novachord

A collection of utilities, by myself and others, useful for working on midifiles

≡ A consolidated list of the software and related stuff on this site ≡

For the record, I am neither Peter Goodeve the yachtsman (from Ottawa)
nor a banker in Asia...!


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